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M-shares is our new solution that enables one to trade using their mobile phones. This new platform enables one to buy and sell shares, fund their trading accounts, receive payments and get market information from their mobile devices. All you need to do is dial *209#, register and start trading.


M-Shares FAQs

1. What is M-Shares?
M-Shares is a mobile trading platform developed by SBG Securities that enables individuals to trade in the Nairobi Securities Exchange

2. How can I access M-Shares?
Simply dial *209# to access M-Shares. This service is available for clients on Safaricom, Airtel.

3. Can I open an M-Shares account for a joint account or company CDS account?
No. M-Shares is only available to Individuals.

4. What can I do on M-Shares?
• View market prices.
• Buy or sell shares
• Check your order status
• Request for payment upon sale of shares
• View the number of shares you hold and their value.
• View account balance

5. What is the M-Shares WOW factor?
• Convenience as you can access the account via mobile phone at any time.
• Better control and visibility of your trading.
• Access to the current prices of the stocks.

6. How do I register for M-Shares? Clients with a CDS account: • Dial *209# to register onto M-Shares • Once registered you, will be required to change your PIN. • You may proceed to enjoy the convenience of your cell phone.Clients with no CDS account • Visit any of the SBG Securities Agents to open a CDS Account • Once registered you, will be required to change your PIN. • You may proceed to enjoy the convenience of your cell phone.

7. How soon can I log on to M-Shares after registration?
Immediately you register and receive your PIN

8. Are there any charges when trading from M-Shares?
Charges are encountered only when a trade is executed as follow; • For a transaction above Kshs 100,000 – 1.85% per transaction. • For a consideration below Kshs 100, 000 – 2.12% per transaction These charges include brokerage commission and statutory charges.

9. How will I know when my order is executed?
Using the mobile trading platform you can view the status of your order. From this platform you can also amend your unexecuted order.

10. How long are orders valid for?
Orders placed on the mobile trading platform are valid for one day only. Trading hours are between 09.00 a.m. – 15.00 p.m.

11. How soon is my order sent to the market after submission on M-Shares?
Orders are sent to the market once the following conditions are met: • Purchase orders are subject to the availability of funds in your CDS account. • Sale orders are subject to the number of shares held in your CDS account.

12. Can I amend an order after I have keyed it in?
As long as an order has not been executed, the share price and quantity can be amended.

14. How do I deposit funds into my CDS Account in order to trade?
• M-Pesa: Access the menu on M-Shares and choose the option to “Fund my account’. You will be required to input your M-Pesa service pin and amount that should be debited from your M-Pesa account and credited into your CDS account • Bank Account – via EFT, RTGS or visiting any Stanbic Bank branch countrywide. Please indicate your CDS account number. Bank details are as below: Account Name: SBG Securities Bank Name: Stanbic Bank Bank Account: 0100000020499 Branch: Chiromo • Funds deposited via M-Shares or cash at bank will reflect immediately. EFT, RTGS and Cheques will reflect once credited into the bank account.

15. How soon after depositing funds into my CDS account can I buy shares?
Once funds reflect in your account you can place orders immediately

16. How are payments effected on M_Shares?
• Payments may be made via M-Pesa for clients registered on the platforms for amounts not exceeding Kes 70,000. • The funds will be available 24 hours after settlement. For funds above Kes 70,000 please visit your agent to fill in a form to credit your bank account.

Download the M-Shares Terms and Conditions here

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